Change Log

*Par library now included in APK
*Stop trying to reload last file when launch app
*Downloads some malformed files which failed before
*Optional ignore certs for Newznab
*Optional alternate connection type for Newznab (debug)
*Choose DL and extract directories with a chooser

*Set Thread(CPU) priority when downloading and for Unrar/Par
*Sort by Date/Size for search results
*Remembers multi-select option
*Option to flatten extract directory (auto extracted files all go in same directory)
*Fixed bug where NZB would get stuck and not auto Unrar/par (Fixed this time)
*Bug fixes


*Fixed bug where NZB would get stuck and not auto Unrar/par
*Added to Webview
*Added Shutdown to SAB menu
*Fixed bug in Sabnzbd which made queues not display
*Increased connect timeout for slow servers
*nxbX search should not now crash if their website is down
*Added Indexer. Experimental
-Free search! (For the moment, they may change their minds!)
*Bug fixes


*Big update to Newznab searching:
-Up to 16 Indexers
-Search and Browse Categories
-Much smoother interface
*Added option for an Auto Extract directory different from download dir
*Forward button in Webview
*Bug fixes

*Added Alternative Usenet Server. (Enable in Quick Settings, [Blue arrow])
*Fixed Sick Beard Stop button
*Back button on Load NZB exits screen
*Bug fix

*Fixed API, should now work again.
*Stop keyboard automatically popping up

*Removed NZBMatrix
*Added generic NewzNab API server
-Add any NewzNab indexer and DOGnzb as examples
-See Settings
*Set Speed Limit for SAB
*Increased max number of threads(not recommended)
*Added search API
*Fixed speed throttle on newer Android versions
*Fixed date on RSS
* RSS now works
*Removed Newzbin
*Added option to enable Logcat for debugging


*Multiselect delete for File manager
*Back button in File manager does up a level
*Option to use http not https for NZBMatrix
*Added ETA to notifcation
*(Re)Added Download Now button

*SABnzbd Client[BETA] (Enable in settings)
**Integrated with all NZB search/download
**Multiple servers
**Move/Delete/Add/Pause queue items
**Change Category
**History tab

*Updated NZBMatrix categories
*NZBMatrix now uses https
*Default settings file now name PowerNZB_settings
*Option to skip 'samples'
*Bug fixes


*Add you own Webview (Advanced users)
*Fix crash when shutting down
*Make sure never multiple instance of app
*Back button now works on home tab
*Graphics and interface overhaul
*Save/Load settings to a file
*Faster interface
*Improved downloading of NZB files, less confusing dialogs.
*Fix to auto par
*Rename files/folders in file manger
*Lots of fixes
*Bug fixes
*Now saves download queue on shutdown! Please report if any issues.
*Email button
*Optional license code (Email for information)
*Fix potential crash in Filemanager
*Fix graph not updating on some devices
*Added option to sort RAR files to top of download queue (Settings)
*Bug fixes


*Auto Par option
*Tablet layout option (See Settings [Beta])
*Auto Join files (*.001, *.002 ... etc)
*Native Unzip in file manager
*UUencoded file for Turbo Download
*Added option to filter adult results from Newzbin
*Option to force screen ON
*Replace "+" with space when saving NZBs
*Delete files/folders from File Manager (long click)
*Categories for NZBMatrix search
*Fix file association(last time!)
*Can optionally select a path for the Categories
*Added DOGnzb to Webview
*Fixed auto unrar bug which could delete extracted files


*Added Categories to organise downloads (Edit in Settings)
*Disable download notification icon option
*Option to show all files on Load NZB (disable filter)
*License fix
*Added throttle download speed option
*Added option to Repair + Unrar on par menu
*Fixed file association
*Keep phone awake during par2 (Please update par lib)
*Increased max connections to 16, with a warning!
*Keep device awake during manual rar extraction
*Added autoshut down option
*Added disable graph option
*Fixed crashing on some NZBs
*bug fixes
*Added quick 'Download Now' button in NZB search and download
*Added NZBClub to Web View, however page was a bit corrupt on my device.
*Few bug fixes in auto unrar
*Select multiple NZB files when loading using "Load NZB"
*Open audio,video,images etc from file manager
*Changed display of sizes and speed to be more accurate (2 D.P)
*Fixed broken back button in Webview
*Added to Webview
*Fixed major bug in Turbo Download, please try again.
*Added Turbo Download option - try this out if download speeds are not maxing out your broadband. Still in BETA stage so may be bugs. Let me know if it works :)
*Fix bug which stopped RAR or PAR sometimes working. Press Cancel again to clear data and deadlock.
*Increased NZBMatrix native search results to 50 (from 15)
*Added clickable link to NZBMatrix and Newzbin search report. Opens browser to item.
*Keep phone awake when auto extracting rar. Should fix failing extractions.
*Added to Web View
*Added MysterBin to Web View
*Remembers last Web View selection
*Should now auto extract multiple rar archives if present
*Better connection test
*Fixed keyboard not appearing first time on Search and Web View
*Now tries all groups specified in NZB file, should reduce missing parts on some files.
*Fixed graphics problem on Android 3.x
*Added shutdown button
*Added option to force scan of SD Card if file not appearing on computer.
*Updated download notification, hopefully fix flashing on ICS
*Added NZB Matrix native search
*Added report view to Newzbin search
*Fixed file association so browser does not try and use Power NZB for every file type downloaded.
*Made unrar a bit faster
*Bug fixes
*Force Download service to stay alive, this should fix disappearing queues. (See Description for more info)
*Option to auto delete par and all files (see Settings)
*Improved error reporting on auto unrar
*Move whole NZBs to top/bottom of list
*Added native Newzbin search support - Premium Newzbin account required
*Added Join Split files (*.001, *.002 ... etc)
*Fixed file association
*Supports UUencoded files
*Option to delete rar files after auto extraction
*Graphics update
*Bug fixes
*Fixed crash if download dir not readable
*Load "Allow Mobile Download" setting correctly
*Added optional Google Analytics
*Added NZBIndex to Web View (free to use)
*About box
*License bug fix
*Crash fix
*Added better error info to Auto Unrar
*Fixed calculated disk space to be that of download directory disk
*Increased max usenet message size
*Added support for zipped nzbs
*Added files link to RSS view
*Improved back button in file manager
*Added webview for Newzbin2 and NZBMatrix - download nzb files directly from app
*Limited Completed and Scratch queues to 500 entries
*Automatically pause download when less than 50mb space